How does Trodax work?

The interface of the Trodax system is very simple and convenient for the trading cryptocurrency. To start using our service, you only need to take a few steps to try it in action. To begin, send a registration request, that is, create an account, which will take only a few seconds. After registering on our website, connect Trodax to your account, select the desired exchange in the settings, and set the exchange rate and strategy for buying/selling currencies. When the necessary transaction is performed on the exchange in the automatic mode, the bitcoins will be collected. Thus, the trading bot performs the transaction automatically and is most beneficial for you.

Start by going to our website

How it works? For example, if you need to buy a cryptocurrency, you have to wait for the time when the price will increase after it will be sold automatically. If the price falls, the bot again buys this cryptocurrency, and then the price is averaged. So it gives us the opportunity to sell our cryptocurrency, making a profit. This is called averaging. It can be done until the price rises and the trade closes with a profit.

In addition, in order to check the progress of your currency trading, you can track every transaction in your account and ask a question to our specialist.

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