Useful tips on how to choose the chainsaw

Nowadays you can find a huge range of chainsaws. But not every model is able to satisfy all your requirements. An electric chain saw consists of housing, an electric motor, a chain with cutting edges, and a guide rail for accommodating the chain. There are also an oil storage tank and an oil pump. In addition, there is a power button, a locking button, a handle, and a safety shield. There also may be a handle on the case to control the chain tension in more advanced models.

The value of power must be chosen depending on the future task. For example, many hours of sawing up of thick wood are supposed, and then power is needed higher than filing trees in a garden. In this case, pay attention to electric saws with a power of 2.5 – 4 kW. The maximum power is distinguished by professional electric saws used for industrial logging.

Engine location

The electric saw motor can be structurally located transversely or longitudinally relative to the body. The transverse arrangement is more suitable for simple vertical cutting, for example, for cutting boards or logs at right angles from top to bottom.

Some models are not distinguished by good balancing, so working with them in other positions is not very convenient. It’s like sawing off the branches above the head at an angle. You can also read more information here and choose the best chainsaw.

Units with a longitudinal engine arrangement have a higher cost, but the ease of use makes them very popular. Such saws are perfectly balanced due to their design. It makes it possible to comfortably saw in any planes at different angles. So if you need basic opportunities then buy the basic stuff.

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