The Most Expensive Ingredients in the World Used to Make Perfume

When it comes to perfume, the price category cannot be still. Depending on the ingredients and the popularity of the brand, the cost goes from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per ounce. Let’s get to know what ingredients the priciest fragrances have.

The most expensive component

Musk is the most expensive component used in perfumes ever. In order to get it, people need to kill a male musk. That’s why most perfume-maker use synthetic version. They are cheaper and preserve the animal.

Other pricey ingredients

You might have come across perfumes that have oud. This is the ingredient that is made from agar tree. Seems easy enough but there are only 2% of agar trees that can produce it. This makes oud twice as expensive as gold. If you wish to get a high-quality perfume with this ingredient, you should try Rose Oud by Kilian. However, you should be ready to pay about $500 for a bottle.

Another interesting and expensive component is orris. The oil comes from the bulbs of iris. However, the trick here is that you need a ton of bulbs and over 5 years to make only 4 pounds of the oil. It’s very hard to get it which makes the price go up.

Lots of perfumes are made with rose oil. You can get several at Yet, there are lots of kinds of roses, i.e. rose oil can also be very different. The most expensive one is the Bulgarian rose. Its cost is about $200 per 1/8 of an ounce. The manufacturer needs thousands of pounds of petals to make a bit of high-quality oil.

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