Choosing the best file format: PDF or Microsoft Word?

PDF and Microsoft Word remain to hit the top of the most popular file formats for business, education and personal needs. Each format has its particular features and functions. When should you use Word and PDF? Here are the answers

PDF and Word: Choose the format for your needs

PDF and Microsoft Word are among the most popular solutions for storing and sending data. However, many people feel confuses, when it comes to choosing the best format for different purposes. Here we’ve collected a number of tips on when it is better to use each file extension.

When is it better to use MS Word?

  • You need to make edits with your colleagues or classmates in the single document simultaneously
  • You might require making numerous changes to your document and edit writing, diagrams and charts
  • You want to get an unlimited access to your data and change it on different devices

When is it better to use PDF?

  • You would like to eliminate making any changes by other users
  • You are going to send your file via email and want your recipient to get a precise snapshot of your document
  • You are aimed to get a universal document that will look similar on any device and operating system

It is also worth mentioning that you can easily convert PDF to Word. This way, you will obtain an opportunity to edit your document in a couple of seconds. The converting process doesn’t require any knowledge of computer programming or using special software – it is usually made in a couple of clicks.

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