What are the most important targets of antiviruses?

Nowadays, malware is the most common danger for our gadgets. Thereby, antiviruses focus more on protecting the gadget from it, since usual viruses are no longer dangerous for modern operating systems.

How does the malware work?

The most dangerous malicious programs operate imperceptibly on the target gadget, and the user may not even be aware of the infection. The threat may be inactive for some time or work hidden, but in any case, will try to cause serious damage to the user. Some of them destroy Windows protection and try to remove antivirus before attacking files, thereby, the user can miss the moment of danger. No matter how effectively you are protecting the gadget, the likelihood of an attack is still there.

Microsoft takes the security of its customers seriously, so it has equipped Windows 10 with two security tools: Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. These tools are designed to protect your computer, and due to deep integration into the system, they do not require a lot of additional resources to work. Microsoft regularly releases anti-virus definitions so that these products can withstand even the latest threats. You can though run the scanner without an active Internet connection – using USB-drive. This tool will be able to remove malicious programs that are difficult to clean using standard tools. Anyway, it is recommended to use other effective antiviruses and scanners, for example, Bitdefender Mobile Security and antivirus .

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