Elextrolux washing machine equipment

Modern equipment? Electrolux made suitable for any laundry. As a professional and for your home. We guarantee you durability, economy and of course quality, which can be the basis for a profitable business. Modern equipment used for washings is a complex “smart” mechanism, equipped with various functions, created in high-tech manufacturing conditions, which is what Electrolux is a recognized leader in the world market among manufacturers of laundry equipment and the development of other technical solutions. We guarantee to you:

  • All washing machines have a stable system, thanks to which they will serve for a long time for customers. All products made after testing by technical experts, so you will not have questions about the quality. We also assist with the installation of equipment in your home or institution.
  • Our products are designed in such a way as to save energy costs as much as possible, for example when washing – to make it as fast as possible without losing quality. It also applies to the minimum consumption of water and detergents; all this makes the process of washing and drying more efficient.
  • Ease of use. Our washing machines have a built-in interface with more than 55 programs to use, which allows users themselves to select the necessary settings and select the desired mode for washing.

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